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Offsite practical training - an integral part of training future lawyers

20.03.2014 09:56 All Faculties Law Юридичний факультет

Future lawyers should receive practical work skills already during their studies at the university. Students full time magistrates of the Law Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University actively involved in the practical component of the educational process - getting professional knowledge in the process of communication with experienced practitioners, managers and employees of state authorities, local self-government.

The next retreat sessions on 19 March in the Zaporizhzhya center of training and retraining of civil servants. Students magistrates participated in the "problem group" employees of state and local governments of Zaporizhzhya region to discuss practical aspects of compliance with anti-corruption laws of Ukraine, which lasted for four hours. They had the opportunity to get practical advice from experienced colleagues on gender aspects of public service, adaptation of Ukraine on training, retraining of civil servants and local government officials to the EU legislation in the practical classes.
In addition, students are familiarized with the samples of prospective legislation on relevant issues and the results of public discussion of the latest scientific, academic and professional literature on relevant issues, helpful tips received regarding possible employment.

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