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Social work's popularization week began in ELC

04.04.2014 09:40 All Colleges and branches Economics and Law College Факультет соціології та управління Економіко-правничий коледж Соціальна робота

April 3 at the College of Economics and Law of ZNU began popularization week of specialty "Social Services". This - the first joint event, which was organized by representatives of the College and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration. Its purpose - increase the interest of younger professionals in higher education and raising the level of the chosen specialty.

In the assembly hall of the academic building 3 of ZNU on inauguration week popularization gathered together representatives of the administration, faculty and , students the College of Economics and Law and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Management. To the presidium included ELC Director Olena Hrybanova, Dean of FSSA, professor Maksym Lepskyi, associate professor of the Department of Social Philosophy and Administration Olena Malovichko, Head of the Department of Social Philosophy and Administration, professor Taras Butchenko and assistant professor of this Department Volodymyr Skvorets.
College Director Olena Hrybanova, addressing the audience, noted: «This year, the first graduation of young professionals in the specialty "Social Services". Over the last three years of college teachers and FSSA collaborated with each other. Soon graduates ELC will have to decide - find jobs and continue to receive higher education by correspondence or become students of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration».
Olena Malovichko presented activist of FSSA Students' Council Sofiia Marchenko. The student spoke briefly about the activities of the student movement, making emphasis on volunteering. Recently, the volunteer sector "Student's Heart" visited pupils of Zaporizhzhya specialized boarding school "Orientir", which brought up the children with visual impairments. Olena also told those present a series of measures, implementation of which is scheduled within the a week popularize specialty "Social Services". These activities, including roundtables, workshops, student debates, student familiarity with ELC volunteer work, etc., students FSSA will conduct together with students of Economics and Law College.
Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration Maksym Lepskyi, addressing the students of ELC, said: «FSSA has its own traditions and scientific schools developing innovative approaches and methods of social work. Graduates of the Faculty become civil servants, senior executives known companies develop national science. Therefore, in order to join the Faculty's friendly family must have not only a fair performance, but also the desire to transform the world for the better!».
On the work of students' sectors and activities of the Department of Social Philosophy and Administration told staff and students FSSA. And 1st-3rd years college students, in turn, presented their group to prove their interest in their chosen specialty.
During the meeting it was also paid attention to the academic differences that , students must pass the ELC for entrance at senior courses of the Faculty.
At the end of the meeting Olena Malovichko invited future social workers to participate in meetings with employers, to be held April 8 on the basis of ZNU.

Olena Khlystun

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