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"Taras Shevchenko and Oleksandr Dovzhenko in the spiritual space of Sixties"

18.04.2014 15:20 All Faculties Philology Філологічний факультет Шевченкові читання

April 18 fourth-year students of the Faculty of Philology organized and held a lecture on "Taras Shevchenko and Oleksandr Dovzhenko in the spiritual space of Sixties". The event visited students of the second and fifth years together with their supervisors - Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor Valentyna Kravchenko and Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor Oksana Sichkar.

The moderator of the event was Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor Yuliia Kushneriuk. At the meeting she welcomed the guests and said that on the eve of Easter Philology Faculty students decided to honor the memory of those who line up our country, the Ukrainian nation and cultural awareness.
The participants reviewed the question of Shevchenko's tradition in aesthetics poets of the Sixties: their contribution to the popularization of Shevchenko's heritage and his influence on the work of the Sixties, the creation of aesthetic thinking, writing style and artistic and stylistic features, etc.
Students recited poems poet and excerpts from his poems ("To every man his destiny", "Prometheus" and others).
They also presented the analysis and study of the works of biographical facts of Taras Shevchenko spent such famous writers as Lina Kostenko, Ivan Drach, Mykola Vingranovskyi and others. The public is presented poetry, which greatly influenced the work of the poet: "Back of Shevchenko", "Magic me the Magi" and others (Lina Kostenko), "Death of Shevchenko", "Symphony and death of Shevchenko", "Skovoroda and Shevchenko" (Ivan Drach), "Domesticated patriots" and "'47 year" (Vasyl Symonenko), "Taras in exile" (Vasyl Stus) and many others.
Speakers outlined parallels of and Iryna Zhylenko's and Taras Shevchenko's creativity - the theme of cherry kindergarten interpreted in a collection of poems of the poet "Window to the Garden" and the theme in the writings of novelist mother is closely intertwined with Shevchenko's.
Also the future philologists drew attention to the great influence on the works of poet and writer Oleksandr Dovzhenko's cinematic activity. Thus, the students identified in the joint of the two great writers abandoned girl characters, houses, destroyed villages, drawn by a yoke of people, silent cry and cry and others ("Kateryna", "Enchanted Desna", "On the Sea", "Diary").
At the end of the event Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor Yuliia Kushneriuk thanked those present for their active participation and participants of the meeting, expressed the hope that similar events will be held at the Faculty and gather more and more audience.

Kseniia Nazarenko

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