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Lecture "Children's Rights" for students of Economics and Law College

29.04.2014 16:51 All Colleges and branches Economics and Law College ЕПК ФСУ лекція

April 29 on the basis of College of Economics and Law of Zaporizhzhya National University was held a lecture "Children's Rights", organized and carried out by 5th year students of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration of specialty "Political Science".

The lecture was held for the 1st year students in "Jurisprudence" (K 34-13) and "Production Organization" (K 36-13). Also the event visited by Deputy Directors of ELC for educational and methodological work Inna Kyrylova and Valentyna Horlych in accordance.
Future political scientists – Daria Nepliuieva, Karina Posypailo, Viktoriia Svitlovska and Olena Senteno – told the audience about the history of the development and growth of children's rights, separation of the concept of "childhood" as a separate category, and it gained the status of a legal entity. Students offered those present see the video "The child and his rights," in which experts on child protection provided examples of violations of children's rights; imperfection of the legal framework of our country in this regard; quoted the main principles of the "Declaration of Children's Rights"; children of all ages have expressed their views on this issue.
Lecturers have prepared a video presentation in which the statistics cited violations of children's rights in Ukraine and considered more "Convention of Children's Rights" - its basic principles, rules and regulations.
The girls asked questions, and college students eager to meet them, because the audience is constantly emerging dialogues and discussions.
At the end of the event the student, summarizing lectures, summarized the most important children's rights and offered those present to pass an anonymous questionnaire.

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