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Vocational guidance in Novomykolayivka district

30.04.2014 10:28

Last week, as part of career guidance Head of the Preparatory Department Iryna Bakalenko attended schools in Novomykolayivka district and talked to students of 9th-11th grades.

Conducting career guidance has been made possible due to the adjusted relations with Head of the Department of Education, Youth and Sports of Novomykolayivka district administration Natalia Bila and district school directors. The main objective of these actions is to promote Zaporizhzhya National University, its Faculties and specialties, as well as helping high school students in choosing a future profession. Thus, future graduates have the opportunity to gain valuable information that is interesting for professional self identification, because this issue is extremely important in everyone's life, which must be taken seriously and deliberately.
Iryna Bakalenko spoke to schoolchildren about the history and current of ZNU, its material and human resources, Faculties, prospects for education and employment, and acquainted with the peculiarities of the entrance campaign in 2014. Relevant performances were for school grade, because soon the time comes to pass EIT and entry to higher educational institution. Information interested pupils of 9th-11th grades, as young people today think about professional self-determination.
All participants received additional information and advertising materials of Zaporizhzhya National University. Of particular interest students raised the possibility of obtaining information about the entrance campaign in 2014 and EIT in a social network Vkontakte group "Entrant of ZNU".