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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Representatives of the Department of Acting of the Faculty of SPP defended the honor of ZNU in Turkey

Representatives of the Department of Acting of the Faculty of SPP defended the honor of ZNU in Turkey

06.05.2014 10:32 All Faculties SPP Art of theatre Факультет соціальної педагогіки та психології

With choreographic performance "Zamarashka" students of 4th-5th years of specialty "Dramatic Art" and graduates of the Department of Acting, led by dance instructor, Ph.D. in Pedagogics, associate professor Yuliana Honcharenko took part in the 5th International theater festival named after Dzhuneyta Hokchera (Cüneyt Gökçer) - a prominent Turkish actor, one of the founders of the Turkish drama theater, opera and ballet.

The festival took place from 16 to 30 April in one of the largest humanitarian universities in Turkey - Istanbul Cultural University. The educational institution has a number of institutions, representatives of one of them - the Institute of Acting and Cinematography - annually organizes the festival. It is worth noting that almost all of the financial costs of participants (accommodation, food, logistics, equipment, etc.) assume the organizers.
This year's festival was attended by representatives from Georgia, Bulgaria, Jordan, Greece, Turkey and Ukraine (by the way, representatives of our university - the first Ukrainian guests of the event within 5 years of its existence).
The creative team of the Faculty warmly welcomed. Participants shocked friendly attitude, sincere communication, tours, superb accommodation, impressive material equipment. This support has helped our students perform very well. Even without words, only through dance, they were able to clearly convey on stage the diversity of feelings, emotions and pay attention to the issues at hand - peace and good social injustice, fighting for survival… Viewers embraced the show very well. Even journalists of Bulgarian television after viewing interest in our team and had a half-hour interview with them!
All registered participants received diplomas: choreographer Yuliana Honcharenko, actors in performance - Svitlana Basova, Alisa Bozhkova, Tetiana Ishchuk, Kateryna Koshovnyk, Oleksandr Mosiichenko, Andrii Novichenko, Oleksandr Ocheretianko, Olha Parkhomenko, Yuliana Pylypets, Bohdan Ruban, Diana Franko, Hanna Khokhlova.
On behalf of the Rector of Istanbul Cultural University awarded gratitudes to Zaporizhzhya National University for actor training staff. But most importantly - the performance of our students really liked the jury, so we were invited to participate in the festival next year.

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