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Law Faculty student met with war veteran Oleksandr Shorokhov

13.05.2014 09:31 Юридичний факультет зустріч День перемоги

On the eve of the Victory Day the Law Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University visited veteran of World War Oleksandr Shorokhov. He met with 3rd year students to tell them about the events of that terrible war, and about his life in the postwar period.

It is no accident in a holiday ,a respected veteran decided to just share memories with students of our university: in the Law Faculty trained his granddaughter, 5th year student Anna.
During the meeting, which Alexander Shorokhov came with his wife Valentina Stepanivna and grandson Nikita, he spoke not only about his life, but he had written about 5 autobiographical books. Among them - the works of "Man of the forest village", "My Life in the Family" and "Truth and fiction about the Great Patriotic War", in which it truly reflected the historical events of the era and spoke of it historical figures.

Tamila Tarasenko

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