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FSSA representatives participated in a roundtable "Poverty as a social problem of Ukraine"

14.05.2014 10:31 All Faculties Sociology Круглий стіл ФСУ

May 13 at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration of Zaporizhzhya National University was held a roundtable on "Poverty as a social problem of Ukraine".

The event was organized by Head of SCSP of FSSA Olena Struk and her Deputy Ruslana Dikhtiarenko. The meeting was attended by students of junior and senior years of different specialties: social science, political science and social work.
In the discussion of such matters were submitted: the phenomenon of poverty; poverty as a problem of globalization of the world; poverty as a factor in public life in Ukraine.
Participants discussed the phenomenon of poverty, its symptoms, causes, factors, criteria and consequences of non-compliance with consumer basket of the real needs of people, and reviewed the results of sociological studies of poverty in Ukraine and discussed the lack of attention to these studies. As noted, students, manifestations of poverty are: low income, social insecurity, economic alienation of property and means of production, life in the struggle for survival, the increase in the number of homeless people and others.
During the discussion of problematic issues was held a lively discussion of social and psychological effects of poverty and the impact of globalization on the level. According to to Associate professor of Social Philosophy and Administration Department Volodymyr Skvorets, problem of poverty is closely linked to the social structure. He also drew attention to the need to protect national interests and stop the outflow of human resources, the scientific elite and highly skilled professionals abroad. The participants expressed their opinions on the causes of poverty, the main ones are: commercialization, bureaucratization, devaluation of human labor and the low level of awareness of people. Also under discussion were analyzed existing methods and measures to combat poverty at the international level, the students expressed their own opinions and views on this issue.
To summarize the main aspects of this social phenomenon, students have concluded that the phenomenon of poverty is associated with various factors, it can affect the whole country and generate more social problems.

Olena Pereverzieva

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