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At the Faculty of Mathematics of ZNU was held a roundtable "World Without Math"

19.05.2014 13:25 All Faculties Mathematics Математичний факультет Засідання круглого столу

May 19 at the Faculty of Mathematics of Zaporizhzhya National University was held a regular meeting of the roundtable on the theme "World Without Math" led by the Deputy Dean for Research, Ph.D. in Physics and Math, associate professor Viktoriia Leontieva.

During the session, the students made ​​an interesting report, which highlighted the importance of the mathematical sciences. So, Hanna Kachan told about mathematics as a tool for understanding the world and Sofiia Moshak in her report noted that life without performing mathematical operations can not be permanent.
In turn, Mariia Homeniuk recited those present reports of schoolchildren in which they imagine a world without mathematics. The students were unanimous in their belief that the world is not possible without this science, as it is used in many areas of our lives.
Quite interesting was the report of Mariia Lysenko, who told the audience about the tribe piraha. The inhabitants of this tribe do not know the numbers and arithmetic. They are used in their home just the concept of "one" and "many".
At the end of the event Anastasiia Subota invited participants of the roundtable, using the method of mathematical modeling to solve several tasks that demonstrate a real-life situation.

Olena Yaroshenko

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