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ZNU Press Centre News / News / At the Faculty of Journalism of ZNU was held a roundtable on the prospects for European reforms in Ukraine

At the Faculty of Journalism of ZNU was held a roundtable on the prospects for European reforms in Ukraine

27.05.2014 13:14 All Faculties Journalism Факультет журналістики Засідання круглого столу

27 May at the Faculty of Journalism of Zaporizhzhya National University was held a roundtable on "Prospects for European reforms in Ukraine: internal capacity and experience of the neighbors". The event was organized "Democratic initiatives named after Ilko Kucheriv" (Kyiv) and the Institute for Public Affairs (Bratislava, Slovakia) and the Institute for Public Affairs (Warsaw, Poland).

The event was held as part of the "How to convince the East and South of the benefits of European integration: expert opinion and international experience" funded by the International Fund "Revival".
At the beginning of the event presented by Mariia Zolkina the results of a nationwide survey on "Foreign policy priorities of Ukraine's population: regional, age, and distribution of electoral dynamics", which was conducted by the "Democratic Initiatives named after Ilko Kucheriv" with the Razumkov's Center from 14 to 18 May 2014. The study was conducted as part of the "Public Sociology Consortium" funded by the European Union. The survey was conducted in all regions of Ukraine except Crimea. A total of 2011 respondents were interviewed using a sample representative of the adult population of Ukraine (over 18 years). Sampling error does not exceed 2.3%.
According to an opinion survey in recent years support for Ukraine's accession to the EU is gradually increased and now stands at 53%; while 35.5% of the population are against Ukraine's membership in the EU and 11.6% - are undecided.
Joining NATO support 34% of the population, which is the maximum rate for all years of research.
Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, the population did not support this idea (by - 24.5% - against 61% undecided - 14%), as well as joining the Tashkent Collective Security Treaty of the CIS countries (by - 16% to - 56% undecided - 28%).
It should be noted that there are significant regional differences in support of Ukraine's membership in various international organizations. Thus, support for EU accession brings together residents of Western and Central regions, while the population of the South, the East and the Donbass majority against joining the EU.
Next to the words was invited Grygorii Myesyezhnikov. He spoke at the event about the experience of political and socio-economic reforms in Slovakia (progress, problems and evaluation) during and after joining the EU, as well as internal factors that define the success of pro-European reforms in the country.
In turn, Lukash Venerski told how Poland after its accession to the EU succeeded in equal relations with Russia, and how life has changed after the Polish European integration.
On the situation in Ukraine today, and its European future roundtable participants said Volodymyr Horbach. He noted that Ukraine continues to move towards European integration. So, on June 27 during a summit of European Union Ukraine may sign the economic part of the Association Agreement with the EU, and then begin the second phase of liberalization of the visa regime with the EU.
At the end of the event, students were able to ask the honorable guests of the University issues that they were interested.

Olena Yaroshenko

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