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In ZNU discussed the establishment of scientific projects creative contests of our university students' groups

29.05.2014 11:42 Університет Студентська рада Наукове товариство студентів та аспірантів наукова діяльність

May 28 in Zaporizhzhya National University, met representatives of the administration and students of our university, whose theme was to discuss establishing of the contest research and practical projects developed by student creative team of our university.

Participants discussed the possibility of holding in September and October this year, of the contest of creative projects of our university of student groups. They concluded that the activities of these groups should not only promote the commercialization of student academic work, but also, in the future, such projects not only at the university but also at municipal level, and hence solve the problem of employment of university graduates.
In discussing these issues was also attended by representatives of the Student Government: Head of the Students' Council of ZNU Olha Lebedeva, her deputies and Heads of sectors of the university Students' Council Anatolii Shashkov, Anna Andrukh, Viktor Burenkov, Head of SCSP of our university Valentyna Kucheruk, her deputies and SCSP members Mykyta Zhukov, Vitalii Zuiev, Anastasiia Rybalko and Maryna Pasenko. They presented their proposals for the popularization of scientific activity among students, and mentioned the work of individual students' scientific problem groups whose work is popular among the youth of our university.
Summing up the meeting, Vice-Rector for Science and Research Victor Gristchak, Vice-Rector for Educational Research and Academic Affairs Oleksandr Hura agreed to meet with the students on this issue again next month. Thus, students have the time to define the concept of holding of the contest, with variations of composition work groups (one or more members; students under the supervision of a graduate student or a teacher or a completely independent, etc.), directions of further work and more. A university administration promised that the best students will be selected for further implementation.

Tamila Tarasenko

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