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ZNU Press Centre News / News / On the basis of ZNU was held a meeting of the "Leaders' School" within the youth government

On the basis of ZNU was held a meeting of the "Leaders' School" within the youth government

05.06.2014 15:42 Школа лідерів молодіжне самоврядування

Private Complex of continuous education School "Eidos" launched a project for 5th-10th grades pupils, entitled "Leaders' School", which runs in Zaporizhzhya during June 4-6. Today on the basis of Zaporizhzhya National University was the second working day of the "Leaders' School".

Today, is held 5 workshops, involving experts from various fields of organizational activities, the Youth Forum and Discussion Club.
According to deputy director for teaching and educational work of the School "Eidos" Yana Hredynarova, organizers of the "Leaders' School" aimed to show pupils, and what they can do by themselves today: how can realize their creative ideas and plans for how to put together a group of activists and like-minded people together to implement interesting ideas, develop youth government in their schools and within their city. During the "Leaders' School" kids get the experience of communication and teamwork.
Workshop on "Financial Literacy" led member of the youth movement "Generation NEXT» and organized outdoor area "Healthy Food" Kyrylo Taran. On the "developing leadership qualities" pupils told social pedagogue of School "Eidos" volunteer of public organizations "Angel" and "Child's Smile" Yuliia Kozachenko, and on the "Creation of quests and flash mob" shared experience student and leader of the government school Diana Babets. "Formation of the Strategy of Economic Development of Ukraine" was dedicated workshop of history teacher of the School "Eidos", winner of the city of educational exhibitions perspective practices "Creating conditions for increasing the professional competence of teachers" Tetiana Petrykovska. During the workshops worked also an English group on the topic of youth leadership «Who is a leader? Who can be called a leader? », headed by a teacher of English of the School "Eidos" and host of children's charity programs Albina Morozova.
Those members of the school authorities, who participated in the Youth Forum were able to communicate with the activists of the youth movement of our city and community leaders - director of the Event-agency "ABC Recreation" initiated movement "Zaporizhzhya - is Ukraine" Vasyl Busharov, director of the Art Gallery "Komod" Yevheniia Mamonova and others. They shared with young people's own organizational experiences and practices.
Before the students were also leaders of the student government of the University – Head of the Students' Council of ZNU Olha Lebedieva and Head of the International Students' Council Sector of ZNU, which Heads the Department for youth work of the European Commission in Ukraine, Mariia Vasyleha. They talked about how to organize the youth movements to influence the processes of social life, pursue interesting activities and, therefore, do their city and country better.
This day was also Discussion Club session on the following topics: "How to increase the activity of youth? What is missing in order to young leaders were more?" and "What now can make young leaders?". Participation in discussion with pupils took Head of the NGO "Unity" Inna Tyshchenko, director of Zaporizhzhya Regional Center for Youth (2010-2013), editor of the TV channel "Zaporizhzhya" and "Alex" Andrii Loboda, Head of Students' Council of ZNU Olha Lebedieva, chief photographer of the design studio «Paspartoo» Anton Filonenko and others.
At the end of the second working day "Leaders' School" were discussed joint project, which plans school youth to organize and hold by themselves for the children of our city. This will set up a working group, which during the week is to organize and implement this project. The result will be a collaborative charity concert, the proceeds of which shall be delivered to children - orphans and orphanages of Zaporizhzhya.

Olena Khlystun