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In ZNU discussed the problems of integration into the European educational space

13.06.2014 15:30 Міжнародний круглий стіл

June 13 on the basis of Zaporizhzhya National University, the representatives of the administration, teachers and students of university with the president of Academic Society of Michal Baludansky, professor of the Technical University of Kosice (Slovakia) Michal Varkhola. The event was part of the agreement signed between ZNU and Academic Society of Michal Baludansky and passed in the form of a lecture on "International cooperation in higher education in a global world".

The meeting was attended by First Vice-Rector Oleksandr Bondar, Vice-Rector for Educational Research, D.Sc. in Engineering, Honored Educational Worker of Ukraine Volodymyr Volkov, Ph.D. in Law, associate professor, professor of the Department of Journalism Oleh Synokyi, who is a member of the editorial board and a representative of a foreign public scientific journal "Scientific Letter of Academic Society of Michal Baludansky" (Kosice, Slovak Republic), and teachers of Journalism, Economics, History and Law Faculties.
Vice-Rector for Educational Research Volodymyr Volkov thanked to professor Michal Varkhola for his visit, wished him success in his scientific and pedagogical work and looked forward to continuing the close scientific ties between universities, giving in memory of our university commemorative book. In turn, visitor gave members of ZNU jubilee medal from the Academic Society of Michal Baludansky, released in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Slovak Republic. In addition, the family medal with a relief of the famous artist, designer, director, composer and philosopher of the 20th century in the U.S. Andy Varhola (uncle of Professor Michal Varkhola) was marked professor of the Department of Journalism Oleh Synokyi.
During the meeting, Professor Michal Varkhola shared of his experiences of teaching, teaching approaches, spoke about innovation in teaching and improving the quality of education through motivation and interest of students, creating a favorable psychological climate in the classroom. He focused on core business community, namely: study, life and work of Michal Baludansky and familiarity with him wide range of citizens; training implementation students from Ukraine, Russia and other countries that are directly related to the life and work of Michal Baludansky; organizing international conferences for teachers and students; edition of the scientific journal "Scientific Letter of Academic Society of Michal Baludansky" on pages which experts from different countries share their knowledge and experience.
«In a globalized world no country can solve its problems without cooperation with other countries, including - in the field of education. Without cooperation, participation in international conferences and exchange between universities is not possible integration into the European educational space», - noted Michal Varkhola. He also noted that «In the university on the quality of work is influenced such factors as: training, research work and business activities».
During the meeting the sides discussed the reform of modern national education system in view of new global standards and prospects of Ukraine's integration into European educational space, which should include: programs to support students in employment; university cooperation with enterprises; program of financial support for the mobility of students and teachers; opportunity to learn foreign languages ​​in the largest language school in Central Europe «EMPIRE».

In his speech, Michal Varkhola said on key issues related to the prospect of joining the common European educational space, including: Ukrainian diplomas recognition at the international level; Europe greater mobility for students and teachers; joint educational and exploratory projects with European universities; competitiveness of the European and international labor markets. He also spoke about the history of the city of Kosice and its coat of arms, established in 1369, tourist and scientific potential of the Slovak Republic.
Invited to the event students of Journalism Faculty, Economics, History and Law Faculties were able to talk with invited guests and discuss the issues with key challenges of integration Ukrainian students and scholars of European educational space.
In conclusion, professor Michal Varkhola questioned students regarding presentation of his lecture, and the most quick-witted presented a collection of articles about Kosice.
Meetings with representatives of foreign universities in various formats with the participation of teaching staff of ZNU plan to continue further cooperation.

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