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Graduates of specialty "Dramatic Art" presented diploma solo performance

18.06.2014 10:52 All Faculties SPP Art of theatre Випускні іспити акторська майстерність

June 17 at the stage of PC named after Drobyazko (8th academic building of ZNU) premiered diploma solo performance with participation of 5th year students of specialty "Dramatic Art" of the Department of Social Pedagogics and Psychology. Students Alina Tertychna and Andrii Skyba presented at the discretion of the members of examination committee musical and dramatic composition of works by Robert Rozhdestvensky "Poem of loneliness" and Yevhen Grishkovets "Take my hand".

Visit the state examinations graduates of the specialty "dramatic art" in the form of public defense diploma works were invited all comers. Composition of Examination Commission remained unchanged: Head – Professor of the Department of Dramatic Art of Kharkiv National University of Arts, Honored Artist of Ukraine Anatolii Lobanov, Dean of the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology Olha Ponomarenko, Head of Acting Department of ZNU Halyna Lokarieva and Honoured Artists of Ukraine, artistic director of creative courses Oleksandr Korol andNadiia Stadnichenko, and also secretary of the commission, the laboratory assistant of Acting Department Tetiana Shkuta.
For years, Honoured Artists of Ukraine, artistic director of creative courses Oleksandr Korol graduates students. Logical test performance is a diploma that demonstrates professional training graduates received their knowledge and skills of theatrical language, plastics, musicality, imagination and fantasy.
According to assistant professor of the Acting Department of ZNU Tetiana Petryk, main purpose of this performance was the theme of loneliness, love and eternal search for philosophical reflection on the passage of time, past, present and future.
"In this work we wanted to convey to the audience that, despite the heavy burden of responsibilities that bears the modern woman, she remains a mystery to the male and wants to meet the real love and a strong, courageous man", - says graduate Alina Tertychna. She also explained the choice of poetry and prose, which formed the basis of the performance. It was driven by the desire to realize the unrealized idea of their curator, lecturer of Acting Department of ZNU Tetiana Petryk, demonstrate on the stage the deeper meaning of these works, their uniqueness.
According to the student Andrii Skyba, executed by the main actor in this song, life line fate of men and women are very closely intertwined match, and then people find their soul mate. Demonstrated mastery of theatrical language, acting and vocal skills, he opened his own inner state of mind, sadness and joy from the memories of childhood, the years of learning and love. The scenery on the stage - the clock as a symbol of fluidity of life - very clearly demonstrated the basic meaning of this performance.
Presentation ended with optimism - the meeting of two lovers hearts and unexpected romantic marriage proposal protagonist his beloved.
On June 21, the end of a series of graduation performances, members of examination committee will propose an overall assessment of the results of theoretical and practical part of the exam.

Olena Pereverzieva