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ZNU Pedagogic Mastery School graduates handed certificates

25.06.2014 16:09 випуск Школи педмайстерності

25 June in Zaporizhzhya National University was held a solemn conclusion of the annual course at the Pedagogic Mastery School. This study was conducted in two programs: basic - "Psychological and pedagogical principles of teaching excellence in higher education"; optional - "Intensive study of a foreign language for scientific and pedagogical staff of ZNU", which was introduced for the first time.

After classes completion, students performed the final work - methodological development of their disciplines workload, which is protected while meeting the scientific-methodical council of the Faculty.
Thus, under the "Psychological and pedagogical principles of teaching mastery in the higher school" has trained 19 young teachers, and under the "The intensive language learning course for science teaching staff" - 29 experts of high school.
At the ceremony of awarding certificates to graduates, Pedagogic Mastery School visited First Vice-Rector Oleksandr Bondar. He congratulated all the students of the school and expressed the belief that the knowledge and experience that teachers receive during their studies, they will use in their future work. «Without continuous growth and learning in the field of pedagogics can not talk about professional achievements and career plans. School teacher skills should not become an end in itself but a means to obtain the necessary experience and its use in research and teaching activities», - noted Oleksandr Bondar. On behalf of the Rector of ZNU Mykola Frolov He presented the diplomas for active contribution to the training of scientific and pedagogical staff and popularize best foreign language teachers language courses - Maryna Zaluzhna, Oksana Tilkova and Dariia Lazarenko.
In turn, Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages Galyna Moroshkina welcomed the young teachers wished them success and creative implementation, and urged all to continue to learn a foreign language, because the current realities require changes to the levels of its mastering.
To greetings joined Head of the Department of Educational Work Liudmyla Nesterenko. She wished to attend the inspiration and success in careers and expressed confidence that the future of Zaporizhzhya National University, it is for young professionals of High School.
Pedagogic Mastery School, as noted its Director Yuliana Matskevich, started its activity in 2000 and today has an extensive experience in training of the teaching staff. During its existence, study it passed over 200 young teachers of High School.
She also said that the main goal of this school is to develop pedagogical competence of young teachers of higher education, preparing them for innovation, professional development needs, as well as help in learning the techniques of learning activities of students and their own educational activities addressing psycho-educational problems in training and educating students, the program of training of specialists in the relevant areas of higher education.
The work was carried out school teacher skills on the job from work and university teachers included, in addition to lectures and practical classes, workshops, roundtables and instructional seminars. A theoretical and practical training conducted by the teachers of the Department of Pedagogics and Psychology, Applied Psychology, Issues Management and Social Pedagogics.

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