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First records of the 27th archaeological season at Mountain Mamai

23.07.2014 11:03 All Faculties History Археологічна практика історичний факультет

In the summer students of the Faculty of History passing traditional archaeological practice. This week returned from excavations in the mound reservation Mountain Mamai students first shift. Future archaeologists have been interesting finds - coins and fragments of ancient objects of consumption.

Director of archaeological practice, head of teaching and research laboratory of archaeological research, associate professor Hennadii Toshchev reported that the expedition began the study of five graves during the late Middle Ages (XV-XVI century). belonging to Nogais. An important finding for researchers of ZNU were found during the excavation of 6 coins with inscriptions in Arabic. Interestingly, usually following burial (according to Muslim tradition), there are no items or money.
The findings were described, sketched, photographed by students, and will now be submitted for detailed study of the numismatic professionals. An interesting property of the fragments were Scythian eagle, fragments of amphorae and other objects that point to the possibility of finding interesting artifacts here Scythian period. It is their hope to find archaeologists during fieldwork students second shift.
Over a period of practice, in addition to obtaining the necessary historical artifacts and archaeological skills, students also learn to use tools, to prepare food, tanned and rested. His impressions of the expedition, shared their first shift participants, freshmen Ruslan Zarar and Oleksii Sapronov: «During archaeological practice, we got a lot of positive experiences from research, from life outdoors, socializing with wonderful team, which was led by experienced archaeologists such as Hennadii Toshchev and Svitlana Andrukh».
First year student Liudmyla Danyliuk added: «Given the uniqueness of the monument Mamai Mountain spent here for decades excavations give us important information on various complex archaeological cultures and peoples, living in the Northern Black Sea, from the Bronze Age and ending late Middle Ages. Our archaeological expedition, in addition to the scientific and educational value, provided an opportunity to feel like participants in the research process of historical development».
During fieldwork Zaporizhzhya archaeologists attended by representatives of the district – Chairman of Kamenka-Dnieper's District Governor Bielikov. On this meeting and the works that are carried in the burial ground near the village. Great Znamyanka recently published material in the weekly "Banner of Labor" (Kamenka-Dnieper's District).
More information on the results of the 27th season of archaeological read after 12 August when the students finished second shift practice.

Olena Khlystun

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