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Completed students' ethnographic practice of the Faculty of History

25.07.2014 15:20 All Faculties History Історичний факультет Практика

This week ended ethnographic the practice of 3rd year students of the Faculty of History. This year's expedition took place to the ancient of the village Basan of Pology region of Zaporizhzhya region. During the expedition, 3rd year students of the Faculty of History surveyed more than 100 villagers Basan, Tarasivka, Shevchenko, Novofedorivka and others.

The inhabitants of these villages spoke of practice about the history of their families, the events of the Civil War, Famine, World War II, the famine of 1946-1947 in the light of their lives. During the expedition managed to fill up the collection also the Faculty's "Museum of life of the peoples of Southern Ukraine". Local residents readily deposited to the museum following items: tiles, commercial wood products. A special joy to the members of the expedition caused a wooden tub, because it was the first museum collection.
Another feature of this year's expedition was the participation of students in collaborative project Zaporizhzhya scientific society named after Ya.P. Nowicki and Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine "On the other side of the Dnieper": the impact of controversial images of the "other Ukrainian" in the formation of mental boundaries".
It should be noted that the ethnographic practice to Zaporizhzhya region, students of the Faculty of History depart for 14 years. During these years in the Faculty of History managed to create a huge database of oral interviews to identify and allocate to store more than 30 journals and memories of residents of southern Ukraine. Scientific implementation of these achievements were numerous scientific publications both students and teachers of the Faculty. In particular, we are talking about fundamental edition of "Oral History of Steppe Ukraine", which already has ten volumes.

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