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ZNU Press Centre News / News / ZNU students participated in a discussion of the state youth policy concept

ZNU students participated in a discussion of the state youth policy concept

01.08.2014 08:55 All Faculties Journalism Sociology Факультет журналістики Студентська рада ЗНУ Факультет соціології та управління

July 29 in Kiev was held All-Ukrainian forum "Transformation of state youth policy: perspective - 2020". Attendees included 200 people - representatives of the authorities, embassies, foundations, international organizations and NGOs, regional and provincial offices on youth issues. Attendees from Zaporizhzhya National University became chairman of the Students' Council Information Sector of ZNU, student of the Faculty of Journalism Krystyna Marchenko and Head of the Students' Council Information Sector of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration Oleh Naumovskyi.

The purpose of the meeting was to present, discuss and make proposals to the concept of state youth policy program for the period up to 2020.
During the event, civil society organizations, working in the field of youth policy, have an opportunity to participate in the development and approval of the Concept of State Youth Policy Program, make suggestions for priorities and implementation tools, that most effectively help to realize the concept.
The moderator of the forum was Yelyzaveta Shchepetylnykova, President of the Ukrainian Youth Public Organization "Ukrainian association of the student government". Welcoming speech expressed Oleksandr Sych - the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, Nuzkhat Esan – Head of Representative Office United Nations Population Fund in Ukraine, as well as Tetiana Shulha – coordinator of the sector "Regional Development. Culture" EU Delegation in Ukraine. Presentation of State Targeted Social Program took over Dmytro Bulatov – Minister of Youth and Sport of Ukraine.
Member List Forum worked in the following sections: development of non-formal education, youth employment, housing, health, alternative concepts in building, where they had the opportunity under the theme section to exchange ideas, discuss, make changes to the program and jointly prepare for the second plenary session "Presentation of section's work".
The aim of the Programme is to create conditions for the formation of a competitive, socially active and nationally conscious youth by restoring and improving social action elevators, raising the efficiency of youth policy, improving the legal, socio-economic, scientific-research conditions and so on. The basis of the implementation of the Programme is patriotic education. Priorities of the program is to address whether the major problems of youth: the development of non-formal education, youth employment, housing and health. The Programme for each of the identified priority areas involves the development and implementation of a number of national projects at the same time, there are mechanisms for the implementation of youth policy. More about national projects, you can found at the Students' Council website of ZNU.
Development and implementation of the Programme is divided into the following stages: stage 1 (2015-2016 years) - organizational, legislative, stage 2 (2017-2018 years) - experimental implementation, stage 3 (2019-2020 years) - implementation.
The project concept will soon be posted on the website of MES in "To discuss", where you will have the opportunity in details to get acquainted with the problem, purpose, priorities and means of implementation mechanisms, indicators, assess the effectiveness of implementation of the Programme.
Students' Council of ZNU urges to pay attention to this important concept, because it is an adequate formation of youth policy in Ukraine - is the way to a new future.

Head of the Students' Council Information Sector of ZNU, Krystyna Marchenko

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