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Completion of documents acceptance from entrants on the EQL "Specialist" and "Master"

04.08.2014 14:11 All Faculties Вступна кампанія

Today at 12 p.m. finished acceptance of documents from persons wishing to study in Zaporizhzhya National University for educational levels "Specialist" and "Master". By the end of this week, entrants will pass exam in a foreign language and professional disciplines.

According to executive secretary of the university entrance commission Oleksandr Oliinyk, get a master's and specialist's degree in ZNU seeking nearly 1900 people. Tomorrow and the day after they will constitute exams in English, and August 7 and August 8, they will check the level of knowledge in the chosen specialty.

August 11 Entrance Comission will publish rating lists of entrants and August 12 announced the names of persons who will study for public funds. List of students study by contract form will publish August 18.

Schedule of examinations can be found here:

EQL "Specialist" -

EQL "Master" -

Attendance at exams is mandatory!

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