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In the Postgraduate Education Center of ZNU hold entrance exams

27.08.2014 14:07 All Faculties Центр післядипломної освіти ЗНУ

In the Postgraduate Education Center of ZNU ended entrance campaign, which lasted from July 1 to August 22. This year, the desire to continue education and gain new profession found 122 people, some of whom are not only graduates of ZNU, but also other universities in our region. By the end of the week entrants constitute exams, the results of which will take enrollment in university.

The advantages of entry into Postgraduate Education Center is shortened training that are only 1-2 years. This form of training is very important for university graduates (EQL "Specialist" and "Master") that are not in their specialty and wish to confirm the qualification. But there is the possibility of parallel studying. For example, the 5th year students can also receive education in their Department and the Center. After graduation, they will have just two diplomas.

In general, the center offers education in 15 specialties. After graduation, students receive a Diploma of training by assigning the appropriate qualifications. For more information on education at the Center please contact: Zaporizhzhya, Zhukovsky str. 55a (the 6th academic building of ZNU) office 110 or call (061)228-75-17.

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Olena Pereverzieva