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International Knowledge Day celebrated in ZNU

01.09.2014 14:29 Міжнародний День знань першокурсники

Today in Zaporizhzhya National University celebrated the day of knowledge and dedication to freshmen students. This year a large university family joined nearly 3000 students, 300 of them came to us from Lugansk, Donetsk regions and Crimea. Congratulate freshmen came representatives of the administration of ZNU and our city, Heads of Faculties, teachers and students.

In the morning at the square in front of the 2nd academic building of ZNU held a concert and entertainment program for students in the "Talents Fair of University". There were participants' performances of studio "Kantylena" of ZNU Cultural Center, the University team of CWC (club of the witty and creative), individual stars - students and graduates of our university – Mykola Bilyk and group "All is nearby", V’iacheslav Kaminshchekov, Kateryna Lebid and many others. To create a friendly atmosphere and help novice freshmen to get acquainted with each other, and soon to join the student community of the University, along with their working animators dressed medieval knights, music room accompanied mimes and actors on stilts handing out yellow and blue balls to present. Near the sports complex could be seen performances of scooters, breakdancers, football truckers and more. During the holidays can also willing to take part in fun competitions organized by the Cultural Center of ZNU and get prizes. For freshmen conducted a quiz where newcomers were able to demonstrate their level of acquaintance with vyshem, which henceforth will learn. The winners were invited on stage to present all present and give gifts. Concert of total finished dancing in the square near the case and friendly shouts of "ZNU - Zaporizhzhya best university!"
After the entertainment began a solemn official part of the holiday - the Knowledge Day. Congratulate the students with the new academic year came: the Rector of ZNU Mykola Frolov, guest of the university – Deputy Mayor Oleksandr Kuzmin, First Vice-Rector Oleksandr Bondar, Vice-Rector for Science and Research Viktor Gristchak, Vice-Rector for Educational Research Volodymyr Volkov, Vice-Rector for Educational Research and Academic Affairs Oleksandr Hura, Vice-Rector for Maintenance and Supply Serhiy Kushnir, Rector’s Assistant on Educational Work Nataliya Voronova, Rector’s Assistant Ivan Nalivayko, and also Chief Accountant Vasyl Tymoshik, Deans of Faculties and Heads of other Departments of ZNU.
The Rector of ZNU Mykola Frolov addressed to students, colleagues and guests of university: "Today's celebration we hold in support of our country. It shows that we are - strong, confident and we are going to democratic values and freedoms!" Mykola Frolov also expressed gratitude to the staff and those students who have worked on developing of our university for the new academic year - employees of the Maintenance and Supply Department led by Vice-Rector for Maintenance and Supply Serhiy Kushnir, Heads of Faculties and subdivisions of ZNU. Also welcomed the participants of student building groups – Yevhen Dunda, Artem Podriz, Hryhorii Ihnatusha, Volodymyr Teslia, Vladyslava Domina, Ihora Buhaichuka, Maksyma Malysha, Andriia Petrenko and Arsen Merkulov. All of them participated in the repair work on modernization and installation of two sports halls of ZNU Sports Complex. For his work for the benefit of native university guys got cash rewards.
Congratulating the students on the occasion, a graduate of our university, Deputy Mayor of the executive authorities Oleksandr Kuzmin noted: "For every one of you this first bell in the new academic year, symbolizes the beginning of adulthood. It will remain forever in your memory as your first teacher. I wish you to study well, strong knowledge and peaceful sky above your head!".
During the event, a moment of silence in memory of the Heaven's hundred. Holiday concert numbers continued choreographic studio «D.A.L.S.» vocalists of Cultural Center.
The culmination of the ceremony was a traditional gathering in the initiation of freshmen students during which newcomers with leading uttered the words of the oath of students to the university and at completion choir studio "Kantylena" performed student anthem "Gaudeamus". Then students are released into the air yellow and blue balls.
After the official part of the students went to meet with teachers and classmates. As part of the International Knowledge Day, the first lessons on the topic "Ukraine - the single country".
During the celebrations of the International Knowledge Day held camera and video settings of first year students. These materials will be used by students to create videos of their first year, and the best of them will participate in the gala concert of the competition "Let introduce myself!".

Olena Khlystun


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