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Economics and Law College of ZNU visited the Olympic champion and honored coaches

12.09.2014 09:47 All Colleges and branches Economics and Law College ЕПК Зустріч з олімпійським чемпіоном Віктором Бризгіним

September 11 in Economics and Law college was held a meeting of students with two-time Olympic champion in athletics, European champion Viktor Bryzghin his daughters - Yelyzaveta and Anastasiia Bryzghina and honored coaches of Ukraine Mykhailo and Kostiantyn Rurak. The meeting was held within the sports' popularization week.

Communicating with students, Viktor Bryzghin talked about the beginning of his own sporting career in athletics and on the way in the sport of his daughters, who began with dancing. Even then, they began to exercise the model of parents. Today, the main purpose of Yelyzaveta Bryzghina is the victory at the Olympic Games.
Mykhailo Rurak remembered the beginning of the sports career of his son: «Sports makings in him woke up very early, when he started to crawl. Arguably, he began his sports activities with low start. But from experience I was convinced that train own child is very difficult. All his sports victories remembered that he completely gave himself a workout, regardless of physical condition and fitness».
Kostiantyn Rurak told about all the details and features of coaching, which he had been involved for 10 years. In his view, sporty tempered when there is healthy competition among athletes.
In his opinion, sports are very much in developing human discipline and enable during meetings, trainings and various competitions to find many friends. But at the same time, the sport can improve the child's body, and may break child's destiny, so to force sports training is not necessary. He also explained the features of future athletes psychological and technical preparation for sporting events.
In conclusion, the guests traditionally photographed in memory with students. We remind that within the sports' popularization week September 12 in Economics and Law College will be a contest for newspapers "Second Youth Olympic Games".

Olena Pereverzieva

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