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ZNU Press Centre News / News / In Zaporizhzhya National University to International Day of Peace held a patriotic dance flashmob (+ photo report)

In Zaporizhzhya National University to International Day of Peace held a patriotic dance flashmob (+ photo report)

19.09.2014 14:48 флешмоб день миру

September 19 in Zaporizhzhya National University about two hundred students from all Faculties held a traditional musical break "Youth for peaceful sky over Ukraine" dedicated to the International Day of Peace - this year to date than ever. The main motive, conducted by patriotic flash mob "History of Ukraine" was playing in dance the idea of unification of all regions of Ukraine - East and West, South and North, through regional dances - Hutsul national "Arkan", miners' "Breakdancing", Cossack hopak and Crimean Tatar national - "Haytarma".

The venue of the flash mob became the ground in front of the 2nd academic building of ZNU, on all the length, students chalk drawn map of Ukraine, and in its center - a symbol of the country - Trizub. It is against this background under chanted several tens of yellow-blue flags, was staged from dancers of the Head of choreographic studio «D.A.L.S.» Iryna Vasylenko and of the Head of dance studio «Dangerous» Kyrylo Nosochenko. Without a doubt, the saddest moment of of the event was commemorate the memory of heroes who died in the struggle for a free and independent Ukraine, and the innocent victims of an undeclared war. Under sad notes of "A duckling swims in the Tysynia river" performed Pikkardiyska Tertsiya flashmob young participants (employees' children of ZNU), the smallest of which just turned 3 years old, released doves of peace into the sky. Then, students raised on the court flag of Ukraine enormous size 22m to 16m.
According to the author's idea of flashmob, Director of the Cultural Center Yuliia Yanko, participants of the meeting were Heads of Mass Cultural sectors of Faculties Students' Councils, and students of 1st-3rd years and patriots of our city. The hosts were members of MS-STEM studio of Cultural Center under the direction of художнього керівника Andrii Bondarenko.
With magic vocal pleased the audience participant of the vocal studio "Kantylena" of Cultural Center - a student of the Faculty of Philology Anastasiia Verchenko and student of the Faculty of Economics Alina Sur.


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