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Zaporizhzhya National University is out of politics!

23.09.2014 13:13

With the beginning of the election campaign in Ukraine yesterday, September 22, at a meeting of administration Mykola Frolov - the Rector of Zaporizhzhya National University - made a formal statement. He said the idea, that after his registration as a candidate for MPs from 76th district (Ordzhonikidze and Khortitskiy districts of Zaporizhzhya and Khortytsya island) he isn't involve campaigning organization of students and teachers of ZNU.

Rector believes that use of official position and administrative resources are not allowed all candidates for MPs of Ukraine. Mykola Frolov said, that Zaporizhzhya National University is institution, which primarily cares of the education and development of students. "University - is not a political institution, because in spite of everything, do everything possible to students and teaching staff not feel any pressure because of the election campaign", - noted Mykola Frolov.