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At the Faculty of FSSA was held dedication to students

25.09.2014 14:24 All Faculties Sociology

Dedication ceremony of freshmen of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration was held September 21, at Khortytsya island in a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Feast brought together 90 senior and junior students.

All first-year students presented their group preset songs that were the famous hits, adapted to the student's specific. Gifts from Students' Council of FSSA for freshmen, has been the national anthem of the native Faculty. Then, the game joining senior students. First - training on "Make Friends" of 3rd year girls from "Social work". Remembering names, drawing on provocative, creative autobiography - all this was very interesting for young students. Next - small quests for speed and ingenuity for getting "presidential gold" (chocolate coins). And finally, the most interesting - the dedication, that consisted of three parts.
In the first stage Students' Council expressed its concern about the strength of the health of freshmen, so in the form of voluntary-compulsory upon all beginners to replenish vitamin C in the body by eating 4th part of the lemon. The next step was the transfer of "friendship's glass". Each freshmen pronounced mini-speech with the wishes of the most important for their groupmates. A final part of the official dedication of the students, appeared creation of flour masks on the faces of young people. Everyone, without exception, who took part in this rite, got with his mouth candy, from the bowl full of flour.
A memorable and happy holiday actually began a series of the most amazing, as they say, years of students' life in the Department of Social Sciences and Administration of Zaporizhzhya National University.

Mariia Peresypko