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Student-journalists of ZNU told pupils about the information war

29.09.2014 10:06 All Faculties Journalism

4th year student of the Faculty of Journalism of ZNU told pupils of Vilnyansk school "Svitoch" on media literacy in information war. Young journalists taught to high school students to analyze media on various criteria, and to distinguish between high-quality and low-quality information.

"The mass media today - the main channel transmission and receipt of information that can influence the human life. The word "media education" and "media literacy" sound more and more, especially when discussing the information war", – emphasized one of the students.
Students told pupils that the propaganda in the media there and it must be struggled. Also noticed that some media use manipulative techniques based on the principles of inciting sensations. As a result, the media sometimes neglect the basic principles of journalism. These include objectivity, reliability, separating fact from comment, completeness, accuracy and timeliness.
We remind, that in 2010, Ukraine in implementing media education. This is due to the rapid development in the modern world of information and communication technologies and media systems that urgently need to prepare society for skilled and safe use of it.

Alina Kovtun