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In ZNU was held a conference "Modern Tendencies in Management"

12.03.2015 16:31 All Faculties Management Факультет менеджменту міжрегіональна науково-практична конференція

March 12 at the base of ZNU was Interregional Scientific Conference for Students and Young Scientists "Modern Tendencies in Management", which was attended by 154 scientists from Zaporizhzhya, Uzhhorod and Kharkiv. The event, organized by the Faculty of Management ZNU, solved the problem of determining the actual role, impact and challenges of modern science in the field of economic potential businesses through the use of modern models of business development and appropriate tools.

Students and young scientists in their essays violated problem approaches and principles of employee motivation in the present conditions, the use of self-management tools for managers, recruitment in national enterprises inventory time as a precondition for improving business performance and more. The participants studied the experience of foreign companies in the implementation of corporate culture, psychological evaluation procedure of qualified personnel, optimization of personnel by planning their vacation, limiting process of delegation of authority, etc.
Following the discussion of the conference the organizers decided to approve the main provisions of research projects participants. The organizing committee said their relevance, sound, scientific value, as well as scientific novelty and depth of research. It was decided to continue the policy of effective management technologies at the regional level it is advisable to implement partnership "Science-Education-Production", focusing on the practical problems of training.

Mariia Kantseliaryst

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