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ZNU presented in Nikopol

11.03.2015 09:03 Відділ доуніверситетської підготовки профорієнтації та працевлаштування вступ-2015 пробне ЗНО

March 10 Zaporizhzhya National University is presented at Nikopol City Council together with Dnipropetrovsk leading institutions of higher education for all 9th-11th forms students and their parents, teachers. Active part in organizing the event took representatives of Nikopol Faculty of ZNU.

Dean of the Nikopol Faculty of ZNU Tetiana Berdnikova in her speech said that Zaporizhzhya National University is one of the leading state classical universities of southern Ukraine. It comprises 16 faculties. The main achievement of the university - its academic staff. Tetiana Berdnikova also focused her attention on the fact that today the material base of ZNU - is eight academic buildings and a sports complex with multiple units, four hostels, preventorium with modern medical equipment, sports camp "Slavutich" on the Azov Sea and biostation-preventorium on Khortitsa island, and more - Students' House of Culture and Educational Theatre of ZNU.
Mariia Kantseliaryst

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