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The third day of the contest "Student Spring": life in a hostel through the prism of humor and a trip in the past

17.04.2015 15:24 All Faculties History SPP Philology Філологічний факультет історичний факультет факультет соціальної педагогіки та психології «Студвесна-2015»

In Zaporizhzhya National University continued a contest of amateur performances from the 1st to 5th year students "Student Spring-2015". Organizers of the event – members of the Center of cultural work – in this year proposed to the participants of the creative contest to give the benefit of experience with the audience of their own vision of such cheerful and creative phenomena, as students House party. April 16, the participants of the 3rd day of the contests, representatives of the faculties of Philology, History and Social Pedagogics and Psychology, came to solving this problem not banal. They demonstrated their choreographic and vocal skills in the scenery hostel, students apartments and even through the prism of memories of middle-aged married couples who are living from student years and spent together in love and harmony.

Emcees of the event – students Lina Vashchenko and Artem Levadnyi – at the beginning of the event reminded tothe audience that the results of the contest – Gala concert, which will include the best numbers of all days of the events will be held on April 22 at 16.00 p.m and invited everyone to come and support their actors. They also presented a professional jury consisting of Deputy Head of the Center of cultural work of ZNU Andrii Bondarenko, Head of choreographic studio «D.A.L.S.» Iryna Vasylenko, Head of the vocal studio "Cantylena" Nataliia Pyrih and Hed of the studio "CFI" (Club of the Funny and Inventive) Oleksii Savytskyi.
That day the first on the scene came representatives of the Faculty of Philology. They built their performance guided on the traditions of youth situation comedy.
Students of the Faculty of History demonstrated their vision of students roomer, acting with different songs, latest news, which used to the best effect in a humorous keys and also with dancing.
Completed the contest day with the performance by students of the Social Pedagogics and Psychology. Over the eyes of the audience and judges unfolded the whole idea: two middle-aged married couples who spent the whole life together, immersed in memories.
Besides, Andrii Bondarenko thanked for a good mood, which they gave for everyone in the hall.

Tamila Tarasenko

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