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Students in social life

03.06.2002 00:00

Several most active students - the members of ZSU Student Council were awarded a bonus by ZSU rector for active participation in the University social life. The nominees are: N. Daniliuk (the Faculty of Law, 3rd year student), N. Shumadu (the Faculty of Physics, 3rd year student), V. Goncharenko (the Faculty of Mathematics, 1nd year student ); chairmen of the student’s councils: O. Averina -the Faculty of Sociology and Administration, A. Vaznenko - the Faculty of Biology, M. Rul’ko - the Faculty of Physics and S. Pozniak - the Faculty of Management. Besides, 3rd year students of the Journalism Department (the Faculty of Phylology) O. Sungurova, T. Borisova, E. Romanova, O. Vizniuk and A. Zagrudnij - 3rd year student, the Faculty of History were awarded prizes for the participation in publishing of the University student’s journal “Dziga” in 2001-2002 academic year.
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