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In a week begins 28 season of archaeological researches on mountain "Mamai"

24.06.2015 14:48 All Faculties History Навчально-наукова лабораторія археологічних досліджень ЗНУ археологічна практика історичний факультет

Archaeological expeditions and summer practices "in the fields" have long been a tradition for members of the Faculty of History of ZNU. This year offers 28 archaeological season, during which the research will be continued on mountain "Mamai". Also archaeological work conducted in a village Yurkivka of the Orikhivsky district on the site of the archaeological monument "Mechet-Mohyla" (from 2007).

July 1st, begins traditional archeological practice for the 1st year students of the Faculty of History, which held in two shifts for 21 days every. Head of researches on mountain "Mamai" at the beginning Associate professor of the Department of the History of Ukraine, Head of educational and scientific laboratory of archaeological researches of ZNU Hennadii Toshchev. Together with him controls the group of first-year students practitioners his wife and colleague – Associate professor of the Department of World History and International Relations Svitlana Andrukh.
During the "field work" the 1st year students learn "the basics" of research activities of the archeologist: learn to find and handle the exhibits, make sketches, describe them, conduct a preliminary classification and so on. After the season practice all the detected archaeological materials, as always, will be carefully packed and transported to the archaeological laboratory of ZNU where scientists of the university already examine them.

Olena Khlystun

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