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Sportsmen of ZNU - worthy descendants of their famous predecessors

24.09.2015 15:53 All Faculties Physical Education Фізичне виховання спорт міні-футбол Кубок ректора ЗНУ

In Zaporizhzhya National University students work with traditional healing and is systematic and thorough. In universitiy constantly concerned about healthy lifestyle, good fit, active young people. Most attention management pays to physical health of members of the university community. Famous higher educational institution holding the annual sports day, the work of the many sports clubs and groups of health. But very popular among student-athletes enjoying futsal. That is why almost three years ago at the initiative of the Rector of ZNU Mykola Frolov was decided to resume the activities of the university team on mini-football "Nadiia ZNU", which has long held the championship in the national championship.

In addition, new and acquired similitude of numerous sporting events of this sport. So, indoor soccer separate element was separated during the organization of the annual ZNU Olympics, an important event was the Tolok's Cup between leading universities of the region. But the leading event of the year remained ZNU Rector's Cup in mini-football between faculties, which are held three times at the university. And one of the innovation competition at the initiative of some 20 members of the team "Nadiia ZNU" (students of the Faculty of Physical Education) was the condition include them in team sports each non-core Faculty.
Already this week, they face a new challenge - namely non-Olympic games of mini-football among higher educational institutions of Ukraine. They will involve eight teams from Kyiv, Luhansk Drohobych, Zaporizhzhya and other cities. Such competition will become a kind of warm-up before the start of the Cup of Ukraine on mini-football. We remind that last year, "Nadiia ZNU" went to the 1/4 final of this prestigious competition. New wins and took off our sports young and in her future endeavors.

Mariia Kantseliaryst

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