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Quest in psychology for students from the Faculty of SPP

01.12.2015 14:31 All Faculties SPP Факультет соціальної педагогіки та психології філологічний факультет навчання дозвілля квест

December 1, Zaporizhzhya National University conducted a quest for 2nd year students of the Faculty of Philology - students of "Psychology". The event was held with representatives of the Department of Pedagogics and Psychology of the Faculty of SPP.

Five teams are participating in the quest - compete for the victory and the title "Experts of Psychology" (among students of non-psychological profile). To meet the proposed objectives, it was necessary to demonstrate how their knowledge and skills from the course "Psychology" and creativity, ingenuity, ability to work cohesively as a team.
Students are actively involved in the game and prepared speeches on practical lessons in group work, role-role-plays, discussions, develop creative tasks, crosswords, puzzles.
Quest includes 5 stations in which the team performed various tasks - defined terms, solve psychological problems, were tested. There were also job erudition and creative thinking. Despite vyruvannya emotions, students acted consistently and efficiently.

Nataliia Mosol,
Associate Professor of the Faculty of SPP

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