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American media experts Mark Dillen: "Campus of ZNU is very similar to American"

04.12.2015 11:00 All Faculties Journalism Факультет журналістики міжнародна діяльність

During the week, an American expert in international media and cross-cultural communication Mark Dillen (San Francisco) was in Zaporizhzhya National University, where he gave lectures and held four Conversation Clubs for students of the Faculty of Journalism and met with the Rector of ZNU, Professor Mykola Frolov. To the university Mr Dillen came within the framework of the Fulbright international exchange program, and organizer of the visit was the Dean of the Faculty of Journalism, Professor Volodymyr Manakin, a few years ago by the same program was in the United States.

His career Mark Dillen began as a newspaper journalist, who later changed his line of work in journalism. He worked as Press Attaché of the US Embassy in Rome, was an adviser in media and politics of the US Agency for International Development in Moscow (2000-2001), at the same time worked as a supervisor of the OSCE election in Belarus and Kosovo. He founded his own company that advises businesses in the field of public relations and international relations. Speaks Italian, Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian, German and Russian.
His lectures at Zaporizhzhya National University, Mark Dillon dedicated to themes of
varieties of political journalism (political reporting), the evolution of media and public relations, he raised the question of trust in the media, organization of journalists in the conflict zone. The last topic expert revealed, talking about his own experience in the war zone in Afghanistan.
Incidentally, one of the lectures devoted to the work of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Marc Dillen conducted with other guest of ZNU – Kiron Reid, Liverpool Law School research scientist. It should be noted that Mr. Reid visited Zaporizhzhya National University for the fourth time, this time telling about his experience of the OSCE observers over the conduct of the local elections in Ukraine.
At the end of his visit to Zaporizhzhya National University, Mr. Dillen shared his impressions of the city of Zaporizhzhya and university students. In particular, he is impressed, in Zaporizhzhya Ukrainian language speak more people than he expected, and urban life is entirely quiet, despite the proximity to the combat zone.
Oleksandra Usenko

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