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At the Faculty of SPP held a round table discussion on Psychology and Sport

07.12.2015 14:30 All Faculties SPP Факультет соціальної педагогіки та психології

On December 4 teachers of the Department of Pedagogics and Psychology, Associate Professors Victoria Ovsyannikova and Larysa Ivanova organized a roundtable with students of the Faculty of Physical Education on Psychology and Sport. The round table was attended by students of specialties "Physical Education", "Olympic and Professional Sport", "Physical Rehabilitation" and "Tourism".

They prepared the report, covering various aspects of the place of psychology in the sports activities. Particular attention was paid to the problems of students emotional state of athletes and will during sports activities. No less important nuance of the discussion was the problem of development and improvement of attention in sports activities.
During the meeting students discussed the topics covered, asked questions and expressed their own point of view. According to teachers, it is important to setting up social and scientific partnerships between faculties. Students, in turn, identified the importance of this form of work as a round table where they had an opportunity to present the results of their independent work.

Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology

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