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Experience of the professional integration students of the Faculty of Journalism in mass media environment

25.12.2015 14:57 All Faculties Journalism Факультет журналістики вчена рада практика

It was such a report was presented during a meeting of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Journalism of ZNU the Dean, Professor Volodymyr Manakin. In particular, he noted that the quality of journalism training future staff needs to improve fundamental theoretical knowledge basis; deepen and broaden the worldview of mass media specialists areas; education of moral responsibility in professional activities; as close to actual conditions, i.e. the formation of the necessary practical skills that are relevant to the current needs of the different forms of journalism. As for the latter gain practical component in the training of future journalists is an important task in view of the successful employment of graduates in the specialty.

As for the reorganization and development of the teaching laboratories of the Faculty, which by definition serve first production platforms formation of professional experience, currently working effectively at the Faculty of three such structures. They are responsible journalism training specializations: for journalism - radio studio "Universe"; for television journalism - Laboratory and local TV studio; for internet journalism - the new media laboratory (it is unique in its kind, since this structure exists only in the Institute of Journalism KNU). Independent student portal "Porohy" is a leader among similar projects in Ukraine and abroad.
The true professional partner faculty are all, without exception, the media city and region. Separate issue - the invitation of foreign experts, which is much more difficult to organize in various aspects of logistics.
However, at the Faculty constantly working on high-quality base practices of students, which improves and expands with every year that really shows the available feedback faculty and the media. In its own grounds practices that are already mentioned, most of the students are sent to the local and regional media.
Thus, the department pays little attention to the issue of professional integration of students in the mass media space. Much is also to gain practical skills during the traditional educational process. Regularly organized at the faculty meeting with journalists, practitioners, continues forming its own staff of teachers who themselves have worked or still working journalists, maintained ties with alumni who are leading specialists of national media, changing content and methods of academic couples corrected evaluation criteria students, the requirements for projects and dissertations, which in most cases reflect students copyrighted material, etc.

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