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American lawyer gave a lecture to students of ZNU

21.04.2016 13:34 All Faculties Law Юридичний факультет міжнародна співпраця

On the US Constitution and ways of combating corruption in the country told to Law Faculty students of ZNU Kenneth Bernhard, senior advisor to the law firm "Cohen and Wolf" in Bridgeport (Connecticut, USA). Within a week he taught in the Ukrainian capital, and yesterday, on the 20th of April he attended Zaporizhzhya National University with the lecture. The visit took place as a part of the academic program of the Center for International Legal Studies (Salzburg, Austria).

Kenneth Bernhard studied at Yale Law School and New York University, specializing in municipal, corporate law, real estate law, as well as matters of appeal. He has extensive experience in municipal offices in different cities of Connecticut and worked as a board member of the state monitoring of justice.
From 2013 annually is the list of the best lawyers in the USA by the publication Best Lawyers in America. He has extensive experience of teaching legal disciplines. During military service in the legal department of the US Army taught constitutional and criminal law at the military academy West Point (NY) also taught in educational institutions of Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Russia, Latvia, Hungary and Mongolia.
Future lawyers told an American visitor on the constitution of the United States and the work of municipalities in Connecticut. It turns out that Mary wages receives only the mayor, other employees perform their work on a voluntary basis. Kenneth Bernhard noted that this information has angered the Russian audience of his lectures, asking him why people agree to work for free, and why the government allows it. American Lawyer approach very surprised, because, according to him, the state - it is the people, while the US is common practice to contribute to the good of the state.
Another block of lectures touched on corruption. «Corruption exists everywhere in the United States as well, but there are two things that help us fight it. First, it is - public access to information. Each person may request access to any document, including a list of email addresses to whom official correspondence or checks, where its fixed costs. Also, any citizen has the right to attend meetings and meetings of the municipality and ask questions to officials. Secondly, we have a code of ethics that governs permissible or unacceptable behavior of civil servants. Code Violation track representatives of Ethics Commission», – said American expert.
He also gave an example of low civic culture in Greece. This country, according to Kenneth Bernhard, has a problem because its citizens believe that pay taxes only stupid people. In particular, in Greece there is a special tax pools. When checking in Athens found that it paid only two people. And throughout the city there are about 15 thousand pools.
At the end of his lecture visitor of ZNU said that to change society's attitude to laws required a great amount of time, in particular, should grow a new generation. But youth is the driving force in this case.

Oleksandra Usenko

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