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ZNU Press Centre News / News / ZNU has signed a cooperation agreement with the Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction

ZNU has signed a cooperation agreement with the Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction

28.04.2016 09:27 All Faculties Mathematics Математичний факультет Азербайджанський університет архітектури та будівництва договір про співробітництво

Recently signed an agreement "On cooperation in the fields of education, science and culture" between Zaporizhzhya National University and Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction (m., Baku) - signed by the Rectors of the two universities, professors Mykola Frolov and Gyulchohra Mamedova. Under the agreement, scientists of both parties will participate in joint mathematical research in solid mechanics, will teach specialists of the industry, will be academic faculty exchange between our and Baku university.

Commenting on this important stage in the development of international cooperation of the University, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics ZNU, Professor Serhii Homeniuk told: «Friendship relations between scientists from Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction have been going on for years. Given the trend of specialization of the university, its representatives showing great interest in our research mathematicians in the field of solid mechanics. Thus, the permanent members of annual conferences held by our faculty, is head of the Department of Mathematics of the Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction, Professor Fuad Latifov and Professor of the Department of Theoretical and Structural Mechanics of the university, Professor Ramiz Iskanderov. It was they who initiated the idea of ​​cooperation, which has been implemented in this agreement».
Head of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Head of many projects that are implemented at the Faculty of Mathematics of ZNU, Professor Viktor Gristchak also emphasized the fact that this agreement serves as a permanent, so it is a fair time perspective for the development of mutually beneficial relations in various research areas, etc. «We hope, - noted Viktor Gristchak, - that cooperation between our scientists will be effective and mutually beneficial. In the next stages of the contract, we plan to specify areas of joint activities. It is also about cultural cooperation. In addition, it will take into account not only the interests of our university and the strategic interests of both countries».

Olena Khlystun

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