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19.01.2004 00:00

We congratulate the winners of poetic translation contest "Steps to translation Parnassus"! The fisrt place is shared by V. Matveeva (I year, Faculty of Foreign Philology) for translation of Persy Bysshe Shelly and Emily Dickinson's poems and A. Mosiagina (IV year, Physical Faculty) for translation of George Gordon Byron's poems. The second prise is taken by Ya. Chalaya (II year, Faculty of Foreign Philology), M. Hohlenko (II year, Philological Faculty) and O. Shklovskaya (MA, Faculty of Foreign Philology). The third prize was given to Yu. Lutsevich (IV year, Faculty of Foreign Philology), O. Kardashov (I year, Faculty of Foreign Philology), P. Duboshina (I year, Philological Faculty), O. Tupakhina (post graduate, chair of foreign literature), N. Shylo (III year, Philological Faculty), O. Oliferenko (V year, Philological Faculty), T. Tarasenko (III year, Philological Faculty). All the winners are invited to visit room 231, (ZSU building II), or to call 64-55-26.
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