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Open Day

22.04.2004 00:00

An Open day will be held at Zaporizhzhya State University on April 24, 2004 at 10:00 a.m. (ZSU building II). Meetings at the faculties begin at 11:00.
Mathematical faculty - room 55 (ZSU building I); physical - room 36 (ZSU building I); economical - assembly hall (ZSU building V); historical - room 327 (ZSU building V); the faculty of sociology and administration - room 50 ( ZSU building I); law - room 202 (ZSU building V); the faculty of social pedagogics and psychology - room 250 (ZSU building II); philological faculty - room 226 (ZSU building II); foreign philology - rooms 328, 316, 314, 423, 425 (ZSU building II); the faculty of physical culture and sports - ZSU Sport building; biological faculty - room 307 (ZSU building III); the faculty of management - room 407 (ZSU building II).
Olympiads in primary subjects will be held on April 25, in frame of the Open Day. The winners will be granted advantages when entering the University.
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