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Political crisis in Ukraine and ways of its overcoming

30.09.2005 08:40

Problems of Ukrainian politics are among topical questions under social discussion today. Term crisis is used more and more often when characterizing political situation in our country in different contexts: “crisis of power”, “economical crisis”, “crisis of trust”, “crisis of system”…Problems, discussed at the sitting of ZNU politological club ”Political crisis in Ukraine and ways of its overcoming”, are as follows: essence and sources of Ukrainian political crisis, its main subjects, ways of its overcoming. The sitting is arranged by ZNU chair of politology of the faculty of sociology and administration.

The arrangement that took place yesterday in one of the rooms of ZNU sport building was non-standard for many reasons. Representatives of most influential political parties, instructors of higher educational establishments and students gathered together at one symbolic round table in order to try to answer the most urgent questions of nowadays together.

Sergij Kuzmenko - head of regional organization of Socialistic party of Ukraine, Andrij Ivanov – representative of Party of regions, Volodymyr Tsymbaliuk – ZNU instructor, the second secretary of regional committee of Communist party, Eugene Kabanov – deputy head of regional organization of People’s party, Maksym Leps’kyj – dean of ZNU faculty of sociology and administration, Tetiana Nikolaeva – head of ZNU chair of politiology, Stanislav Lokarev – leader of ZNU politological club, senior instructor, Igor Grozovk’ky and Volodymyr Glazunov – deputy rectors of ZISMA and students of ZNU and Humanitarian University took part in the arrangement.

The participants expressed their opinions concerning present situation in Ukrainian politics, they touched upon problems of lack of trust for power, discrediting of elections as constitutional way to declare will of people, absence of balance between the branches of government, problem of oligarchy in executive and legislative bodies, lack of control over actions of politics by those who elected them and absence of mechanisms that will call them to answer for the obligations they didn’t keep.

There were expressed different points of view, sometimes they were absolutely opposite, that is quite natural, taking into account ideological and age difference. And though there was no universal way out found, the idea of suchlike dialogue is fruitful, because truth is born in discussion.

The next sitting of politological club is to take place at the end of October. Topic under discussion: “Elections in Ukraine 2005 – 2006”.

So those who are interested in political situation in Ukraine are invited to partake in the discussion.