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International artistic centre “Hyle earth ”

28.10.2005 10:31

International artistic centre “Hyle earth” will be founded at the isle of Khortytsia. Its appearance is initiated by the president of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko. ZNU students will be the first to enter it.

It is widely known that development of national preserve "Khortytsia" is one of the most important tasks in our state. This is approved and initiated by our president Viktor Yushchenko. Not only Zaporizhzhya citizens were waiting for this attention.

An authentic artistic centre will be founded at the land of Khortytsia: highly professional workers of theatre and cinema will be trained here. Also different entertainments for tourists will be arranged here. It becomes possible with appearance of international artistic centre beautifully called ”Hyle earth“. Zaporizhzhya municipal laboratory-theatre “VIE” will turn into it. And its first entrants will be the students of Zaporizhzhya National University.

This information is given by head of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration of culture Mykhailo PRYGARO. He and famous theatre and movie director, instructor of artistic skills, owner of a private theatre in Paris Dmytro LAZORKO and artistic head of theatre “VIE”, director and actor Viktor POPOV visited ZNU together. First of all guests met with university rector professor Sergij TYMCHENKO, who was glad to accept the proposition of prospective and prestigious cooperation.

Viktor Popov has explained that ZNU has already got basis – university faculty of social pedagogy and psychology provides education on the specialty of “Acting skills”. Viktor and Dmytro Lazorko will work as instructors at first. Besides there are preparatory courses and the best students of these courses will be proposed to pass entrance examination.

Is it difficult to enter the center?

Demands are strict because “Hyle earth “ should successfully function. Generally, students of any ZNU faculty are able to obtain the second profession at the centre, but they should be aware of their choice and shouldn’t think of it as of entertainment.

How did the idea to create such centre appear?

This year the first open theatre festival of chamber performances was held at Zaporizhzhya. Theatre companies from Zaporizhzhya, Kyiv, Lviv, Donets’k, Moscow, St. Petersburg took part in “Golden Khortytsia” and they expressed wish to come here regularly.

People are ready to gather around Khortytsia – this is our spiritual centre.

Historical and cultural centre “Zaporozh’ka Sich” is being built now. When it is ready something should fill it. What can be shown to tourists? The only sight for today is horse theatre. But we need some tourist routs that could be coloured by actors’ skill. Even the idea to give life and future to talented actors is worth while being embodied, even this is enough reason for existence of “Hyle earth”.