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Region Cup in Sports Aerobics and Fitness

16.12.2005 16:05

Zaporizhzhya National University hosted Zaporizhzhya Region Cup in sports aerobics and fitness. ZNU Rector, Prof. Sergiy Tymchenko took part in grand opening. He greeted the participants and wished them victories only.


The participants were evaluated in the following categories: male individual performance, female individual performance, mixed trios, mixed pairs and basic aerobics. There also was a division in age categories: children (7-9 years old), cadets (10-12 y.o.), juniors (13-16 y.o.) and seniors (17 or older). Teams of CYSS #1 (Berdyans’k, coach Ahgelina Spivak), and Zaporizhzhya teams of SC “Metallurg”, ZNU (both coached by Ol’ga Gordiychenko), SC “Motor-Sich” (coach Ganna Shcherbatyuk), CYSS #4, UH “ZISMG” and ZSEA were challenging for the title. Sports centre of Zaporizhzhya National University traditionally hosted a great number of talented sportsmen (about 80 this year). All the participants were enjoying the aerobics festival they had so seriously prepared for.  

 Their skills were estimated by the team of referees, composed of main referee of international category Borys Kokarev, Master of Sports of Ukraine Olena Ryabko (ZNTU) and referee of national category Yevgeniya Dobrodub from ZISMG (they were responsible for artistry estimation); Master of Sports of Ukraine, referee of national category Tetyana Shymanitsa (ZSIA) and referee of international category Angelina Spivak from Berdyans’k (they were estimating performance); master of sports of national category Ganna Shcherbatyuk and master of sports of national category Ol’ga Gordiychenko (responsible for complexity grades).

In “Female Individual Performance” category for children the victory was judged to Oleksandra Matsapura, the representative of Berdyans’k CYSS #1. Karyna Krasnogorova from the same sports school won in cadets age group. Oleksandra Bondarenko (SC “Motor-Sich”) – world champion in juniors – was beyond comparison in juniors group. The winners in “Male Individual Performance” were both from SC “Motor-Sich”: Mykyta Kravchenko (cadets) and another world champion in juniors Taras Buldygin (seniors).

 In “Mixed Trios” the cup winners are as follows: CYSS #1 of Berdyans’k (Oleksandr Matsapura, Kristina Tsybul’s’ka, Karyna Krasnogorova) in cadets and ZNU (European Cup bronze-medalists Oksana Kalashnyk, Iryna Chentsova and Mariya Fedorenko) in senior age group. In “Mixed Pairs”: Anastasiya Dymitrova and Ruslan Sakhnenko from SC “Metalurg” won in cadets, while Valeriya Taranenko and Oleksandr Zabila (ZNU) – in seniors. In basic aerobics the success was on Berdyans’k CYSS #1 (children), SC “Metalurg” (cadets) and ZNU (seniors) teams’ side. ZNU team was also remarkable for their bright and original suits as well as for brilliant performance. As for all-team cup, it was won by Berdyans’k team for the first time.