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ZNU Press Centre News / News / “Starting Conditions and Prospects of Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine” Research and Practice Seminar

“Starting Conditions and Prospects of Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine” Research and Practice Seminar

16.12.2005 16:08

What will the forthcoming parliamentary elections look like? This question worries many people in Zaporizhzhya, thus the “Starting Conditions and Prospects of Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine” research and practice seminar held on December 13 in “Bayda” business-culture center was topical.


It was organized by Zaporizhzhya Region State Administration, Zaporizhzhya Center for Retraining and Professional Development of Officers of Governmental Organs and Local Government, Officials of Public Enterprises, Institutions and Organizations, and Zaporizhzhya National University.

The seminar was moderated by Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Law, Doctor of Sciences (Law), Professor Tetyana Kolomoyets’.

In his report, Dean of the Faculty of Law of ZNU, PhD (Law), Assoc. Prof. Petro Khryapins’ky drew attention to the complexity of starting conditions of the election campaign. First of all, Ukraine is unfortunately turning into a country with permanent election process, and people are tired of it. At the same time, socio-economic situation is rather difficult. Second, people’s expectations for positive changes in different spheres of life do not materialize. Besides, the new technology of election campaign and new legislative basis, providing the elections by party-rolls only, seem to be too difficult. All this makes us think about possible results of the lections, that depend on our civil position.    

Scientists of ZNU Faculty of Sociology and Governing, as well as scholars from UH “ZISMG” and Zaporizhzhya Institute of Law of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine took part in the topic discussion.

Head of Home Policy Affairs and Information Department of Zaporizhzhya Region State Administration Oleksandr Kovalenko  told the audience  that the process of electoral register adjustment is currently under way. Up to December 1, 113 regional offices of political parties were registered. Left-wing parties (of communist and socialist orientation) are represented by 10 organizations, centre-left (social democratic) – by 7, centrist parties with liberal democratic orientation – by 15, centre-right (national democratic) – by 2 party organizations. The political spectrum of our region also includes some organizations which are ideologically indefinite.

67 party organizations are registered in the city of Zaporizhzhya.

Altogether they form political diversity we are to scrutinize.