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Congratulations on 8th of March!

07.03.2006 15:59

We sincerely congratulate all women of our university with the holiday of spring, love and beauty – International Women’s Day!

Wise people say: “Woman’s kingdom is the kingdom of tenderness, slimness and patience.” And it is man’s task not to destroy it, but to defend from all possible troubles.

The holiday of 8th of March reveres all the best our women give us – cordiality, kindness, love, happiness and warmth. We worship main female talent – to give herself, her best merits to dear people. You give us new strength, you help us become better, more kind and more sure of ourselves. Special female tact, intuition, patience, self-restrain are those unique feelings men often lack.

With all our heart we wish all your plans, dreams and hopes come true! Let every day of your lives be clear and sunny, full of inspiration, and bringing pleasant surprises and mental balance!