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ZNU Work Collective Conference

29.03.2006 16:24

Alteration of Collective Agreement, ZNU Labor Regulations and Articles of ZNU were discussed on March 29 at the conference of work collective of Zaporizhzhya National University.

Changes were commented by Nataliya KOTLYARENKO, Head of Personnel Department. Innovations concern the working regime of auxiliary teaching personnel, maintenance staff and managerial personnel of the university. Henceforth, their dinner-time will last 45 minutes only (not 1 hour). But the workweek will become 75 minutes shorter since now – workers will be able to leave their workplaces at 15:45 on Fridays (they had to stay until 17:00 before). The system of awards for those who defended PhD or Doctor thesis has also changed. Now it depends on the time of defense – the award sum rises if thesis was defended within the period of post-graduate studies. There’s another change in regulations: one cannot leave his workplace at working time without head of department’s permission.

Improvement of social conditions was also discussed at the conference. ZNU staff  will pass medical examination and get medical certificates at city hospital #1. The doctor can be found in sanatorium-preventorium of ZNU. Issuing warrants and discount sizes will depend on the number of years one has been working in ZNU. It also has to be approved by trade union committee as well as by administration now.

Some changes were also made in the Articles of ZNU: new structural elements were introduced, some chairs were renamed, permission for foreign citizens to take preparatory studies was fixed. Another change concerns collaboration with custom-house. Some university documents were often delayed by this structure, but the problem is solved now.