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“Zaporizhzhya National University: The Past And The Present (1930-2005)” Edition Published

30.03.2006 11:35

“Zaporizhzhya National University: The Past And The Present (1930-2005)” was published by “Dyke Pole” publishing house on the occasion of ZNU’s 75th anniversary.

Glorious history of Zaporizhzhya National University from foundation to present day is described in the jubilee edition. The first page traditionally presents the words of ZNU Rector, Professor Sergiy Tymchenko. Then comes the Anthem of ZNU, written by Professor Viktor CHABANENKO, member of Zaporizhzhya Region Organization of National Writers Union of Ukraine.  


The book contains information about faculties and their teaching staff in the period of development, honorary diplomas and testimonials, diplomas of former graduates, their synopses and works written on military forms, congratulations on previous jubilees and text-books, written by ZNU graduates.

“Vivant professores!” – one of the most interesting sections – is a distinctive gallery of our professors with brief and substantial comments on each of them. They are the scientists our university is proud of; they are the researchers, who devote their lives to searching new more effective methods and ways of materials treatment and exploring new fields of knowledge. Owing to these indefatigable workers Zaporizhzhya University received the status of a national one.

Archive documents from Museum of ZNU and lecturers’ private collections were used while editing the book. All the faculties, teaching staff, both former and present lecturers took part in the work: Sergiy TYMCHENKO, Fedir TURCHENKO, Volodymyr VOLKOV, Viktor GRYSHCHAK, Iryna GERMAN, Ol’ga STADNICHENKO, Nataliya KOTLYARENKO, Lyudmyla BOCHAROVA, Petro REBRO, V’yacheslav TOLOK, Viktor CHABANENKO, Vitaliy SHEVCHENKO, Igor KUPRIYANOV, Petro KHRYAPINS’KYY, Lyudmyla MISHCHYK, Kateryna BUSLAYEVA, Volodymyr MANAKIN, Oleksiy OSYPOV, Ol’ga PONOMARENKO, Kateryna RUZHYN, Tamara KHOM’YAK and many other well-known scientists.  

Future cannot be built without remembering glorious past, especially if this period embraces the best years of life of many people – their youth, their studies. We pay high tribute to those who made huge efforts to create this edition. This book is a message to future generations and an invaluable contribution to Ukrainian culture.