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Chornobyl’ Journalism

03.04.2006 09:12

Initiative group, aimed at collecting journalistic facts on “Chornobyl’” subject, was organized at the Faculty of Journalism of ZNU under the direction of Assistant Professor Viktor KOSTYUK, faculty’s vice-dean and Head of the Chair of Journalistic Work. 12 students are actively working in this direction.

The initiative group studies the phenomenon of Chornobyl’ journalism. The idea was borrowed from Lina Kostenko, who appealed on studying the consequences of the ecological catastrophe in her books “Two Russias”. The students have already found the journalists who had been covering the problem. One of them is already gone, but his daughter – Olya DROBKA, second-year student, - is working hard on the problem. She has brought a whole cycle of publications written by her father. Another journalist, Valeriy FORTUNIN, is now a member of “Zaporizhstal’” newspaper staff. At the meeting with students he told about his getting into the list of Chornobyl’-journalists, covering developments in the zone of risk and the way his reports were censored then.   


The group has also met with the family of Mark CHADIK, operator of Zaporizhzhya Regional Television and got into contact with Chornobyl’ Journalists Association of Kyiv. They even plan to visit 30-km danger zone. As a result, all the material on this subject will be collected and published as a separate edition.