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Autism Studies At SPP Faculty

26.04.2006 11:06

Workshop on autism, delivered by lecturer O.I. Sibil’, was held on April 20 in the laboratory of therapeutic pedagogy within the course “Basics Of Social Tutorage”.

Third-year students of group 1153-1 (“Social Pedagogy” specialty) could learn the notion of “autism” and its symptoms. They were shown a film about the specifics of teaching autistic children. Student-volunteer Zinayida Kozlova, who has already been working with such a child (Oleksiy, 6 y.o.) for more than three months, delivered her impressions to the audience. She told that it had been very difficult to get into contact with the boy, but they had solved this problem after two or three lessons. Now she finds it very interesting to be working with Oleksiy. He turned to be very kind and attentive, communication with him brings much warmth to Zina’s heart. Viktoriya Gorbatyh, laboratory psychologist, shared her experience of working with 10 y.o. Mykyta. She has nearly abandoned hope and started doubting boy’s abilities when first results appeared – and these results were wonderful! Specialists of the laboratory told the students about the forms, methods and means of autistic children treatment and demonstrated the corresponding procedures.     

Students have asked a lot of questions on the topic. They will be able to receive a lot of additional information at 9.35 on Thursdays. The most interested students will also get a chance to join the volunteer program (the course begins in September 2006).