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Artistic exhibition of works by Stanislav Kikeev

08.12.2006 11:54

In Zaporizhzhya National University the inauguration of the exhibition of pictures «The Beauty of Khortitsa ... And not only it» by Zaporizhzhya artist Stanislav Kikeev. This action passed with the support of the Department of humane education and upbringing of ZNU and that of the staff of the Scientific library. They and also all the present students and lecturers thanked the artist for an opportunity to appreciate the wonderful landscapes of native region in the hall of the Scientific library. They wished the artist good health and creative inspiration.

Stanislav Viktorovich told all the present about his life and creative biography. In particular, that he has no professional education and learned secrets of drawing in watercolors (and this enough difficult artistic technology) on examples of pictures of famous masters, that inspiration comes to him from the nature. All his life he worked on the plant «Motor Sich» and hasn’t stopped painting, and 5 years ago he made up his mind to arrange his personal exhibition.

This exhibition in ZNU is the 32-nd one on his account. On 77 pictures various landscapes, on many of them - picturesque corners of  Khortits’a are  depicted.

At the end of the presentation the representatives of our University proposed and the artist gave his agreement to place the pictures not only in the halls of the library, as usual, but in all the educational buildings of the University. Stanislav Kikeev noted that the main aim of his pictures is to make people feel the joy from communication with Beautiful throughout his pictures.

Veronika Stauchenko

Tamila Tarasenko

Photo Vasil Bichenko